David Coverdale’s Master Plan For Whitesnake’s ‘Farewell’ Studio Album

October 19, 2023

Woah. This new “Totally 80s” podcast with host Lyndsey Parker is already making waves! Didn’t they just interview Heart’s Ann Wilson? And now this? Former Deep Purple frontman and current Whitesnake singer David Coverdale is their latest guest and he talks in-depth about his outstanding career and his thoughts on retirement!

Coverdale, now 72yrs old, said, “No. I can’t retire from music; it’s oxygen to me. I’ve got at least three to five years of projects planned. As soon as we finish this thing, which is planned for, to celebrate PURPLE later this year [‘The Purple Album: Special Gold Edition’], we’re gonna start working on the farewell DVD, farewell album from the last [WHITESNAKE] tour. And the band was spectacular. I don’t know whether you saw, I had a beautiful woman called Tanya O’Callaghan I got from Steven Adler on bass — just a breathtakingly beautiful, talented woman. Why I haven’t had a woman in WHITESNAKE before, I will never know. But we had Dino Jelusick, two keyboard players, two guitar players. Tommy Aldridge is the equivalent of six drummers. And the places and the audiences, it was all very emotional. So I think we’ve captured that on the recording and the video stuff for people who could not make the actual shows. It’s gonna be a very defining thing… On the British tour of last year, we used a huge production. It’s gonna be a selection of WHITESNAKE stuff from the beginning to the end. It’s pretty cool.”

Coverdale added that there were tentative plans to write new music, “I’m soon to be talking with my band about the idea of a farewell WHITESNAKE studio album and to invite some former members to participate to make it more complete —  Adrian [Vandenberg] perhaps, Doug Aldrich, see if they would wanna come in,” David revealed. “Michael Devin — all people I adore, and to see how it would go. But I think rather than just farewell to this current chapter, it’s farewell to a lot of guys that have been involved. It could be interesting.”

You may remember that Coverdale had to scrap a few shows on his 2022 spring/summer European Tour, which at the time they said was due to Coverdale’s infection of the sinus and trachea. Three days later, the tour was cancelled. At the time, David blamed the decision on “continuing health challenges, doctor’s orders, and our concern for everyone’s health and safety.”

And let’s not forget that Coverdale had both of his knees replaced with titanium back in ’17 after suffering from degenerative arthritis.

Guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise, we all get old. We all need to watch our health.

Meanwhile, Whitesnake started their Farewell Tour with co-headlinerse Foreigner on May 10, 2022 at Dublin, Ireland’s 3Arena. Europe as special guests.

How many more years does Coverdale have before retirement? Guess time will tell.


Written by Todd Hancock