Heart’s Ann Wilson: Biopic Still In The Works, ‘I’ve Seen A Couple Of Drafts Of The Script’

October 15, 2023

ICYMI – Heart singer Ann Wilson was recently a guest of the first episode of the “Totally 80s” podcast and talked about the upcoming Heart biopic!

The movie is being written and directed by Carrie Brownstein (Sleater-Kinney / ‘Portlandia’), and is being produced for Amazon by Lynda Obst ( “Interstellar”, “Contact”, “Sleepless In Seattle”, “The Fisher King”, “Flashdance”; Amazon’s “Good Girls Revolt”, TVLand’s “Hot In Cleveland”, SyFy’s “Helix” and NBC’s miniseries “The ’60s”).

Ann said the following, “The pandemic kind of slowed them down a little bit, but it’s in the works still. Carrie Brownstein’s writing it. I’ve seen a couple of drafts of the script. It’s good. She’s a great writer. If anybody can capture the story of a couple of women in rock, it’s probably Carrie, ’cause she’s been there herself. And Lynda Obst is one of the producers.”

They don’t know who will be playing Ann and sister Nancy, “There’ve been a few things bandied about, but nothing solid yet.”

Asked who she’d like to play her, Ann said, “I’d like somebody who could sing, and then they could sing some, I could sing some. I think that my preference would be somebody young and brand new and fresh — somebody who’s really got their shit together in terms of being into the script.”

The movie will cover the Wilson sisters’ childhood and end in the ’90s.

You may remember that Ann and Nancy had a falling out during Heart’s 2016 tour, when Ann’s husband Dean Welter was arrested for assaulting Nancy’s then-16-year-old twin sons in a backstage altercation at a gig near their hometown of Seattle! He pleaded guilty to two lesser assault charges to avoid jail time.

Yikes. How’s Christmas dinners now, Dean?

That ordeal kept the sisters estranged for three years – then Heart toured again in 2019.

There was supposed to be a tour last year, but the sisters couldn’t agree on which backing band to use. Ann wanted her band, Nancy didn’t.

As a big fan of the band, can’t wait to see this Heart biopic. Which band movie is your favourite?


Written by Todd Hancock