‘We’re Always Working On New Music’ Living Colour’s Corey Glover

May 9, 2023

Living Colour‘s singer Corey Glover was recently interviewed by The Metal Voice and talked about the new music to follow up 2017’s “Shade” album!

Glover said, “Absolutely. We’re always working on new music. We like to take our time in making albums. It’s a blessing and a curse, ’cause you get a lot of material in the space between. So if there’s nothing to do, something will come up to do. And we all have something to do; we’re working all the time. Everybody’s out doing other things, so it’s hard… We have to carve out time to be able to get together and really sort of concentrate on making a record, which is difficult. I know for myself, I’m a parent. My kids are going off to college.”

Meanwhile, Glover’s side projects in recent years have him acting, touring as a member of jam band Galactic and, more recently, forming the jazz-rock supergroup Ultraphonix with legendary Dokken guitarist George Lynch. 

IMO, Living Colour is a dreadfully underrated rock band. Cannot wait to hear more music!


Written by Todd Hancock