Watch Rush’s Alex Lifeson Teaches You How To Play ‘Limelight’ Solo In ‘Shred With Shifty’ Episode 1

July 18, 2023

ICYMI, Foo Fighters guitarist Chris Shiflett has started a podcast series called “Shred With Shifty” and it’s all about Chris getting lessons from some of his guitar heroes. 

In episode 1, Shiflett talked to Rush‘s Alex Lifeson and learned the solo from Rush’s “Limelight”, a song Chris says “”does exactly what a great solo should do. It’s a scene change, it’s kind of emotional, it builds, and yes, it shreds.”

Lifeson joined Shiflett and talked about early influences like Allan Holdsworth, Jeff Beck and Andy Summers. Lifeson revealed that the first solo he learned was Cream’s “Spoonful” and said he was never that confident in his ability as a guitarist, “I’ve always been a little bit insecure about my playing. I always felt like I could be better than I was” and admitted to having some trainwrecks on-stage while playing live, “With our music, if you got lost, boy, it was hard to get back.”

“Shred With Shifty” is produced by Jason Shadrick, Chris Shiflett, Double Elvis, and Premier Guitar. Chief Operations Officer Greg Nacron said, “We are beyond thrilled to bring ‘Shred With Shifty’ to life with video on What we love about having this podcast on Volume is the visual nature of the content. The incredible material that Chris covers with these legends is more compelling with the additional video component. We believe fans and guitarists being able to see the frets and fingerings up close and personal creates an enhanced viewer experience.”

Love that Chris Shiflett has started his own podcast. He always comes across as a likeable guy and obviously, he can absolutely shred! 

Which other musicians do you wish would start a podcast?


Written by Todd Hancock