Van Halen’s ‘Live: Right Here, Right Now’ 180-Gram 4LP Black Vinyl Details

January 27, 2024

Good news! You’ll be able to grab Van Halen‘s first live album, ’93’s double-platinum “Live: Right Here, Right Now”, on 180-gram 4LP black vinyl, as of February 23!

The band recorded the album in May ’92 after wrapping up a huge world tour supporting their triple-platinum album, “For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge”.

And while the album was recorded from a ’92 show in Fresno, California, there are some studio fixes, as singer Sammy Hagar admits, “The problem was they re-recorded almost the entire live album, because Eddie was out of tune, or Al had sped up or slowed down. They fixed everything. Only now that Eddie was playing in tune, my singing’s off-key. And where Al sped up in “Runaround”, now I’m singing ahead of the beat. Now I had to go back in the studio and redo all my vocals. I wanted to kill those guys. They put me in a room with the video of the concert, gave me my microphone, and I stood there and sang the whole fucking concert one time through. Just like it was a live performance.”

On the 4LP black vinyl, there’s the original 24 songs from the CD release, with three additional live recordings, including “The Dream Is Over” and “Eagles Fly” and “Mine All Mine”.

You can pre-order at the Van Halen store.

Check out the massive track listing!

LP1: Side A

01. Poundcake
02. Judgment Day
03. When It’s Love
04. Spanked

LP1: Side B

01. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love
02. In ‘N’ Out
03. Dreams
04. Man On A Mission

LP2: Side C

01. Ultra Bass
02. Pleasure Dome / Drum Solo
03. Panama

LP2: Side D

01. Love Walks In
02. Runaround
03. Right Now
04. One Way To Rock

LP3: Side E

01. Why Can’t This Be Love
02. Give To Live
03. Finish What Ya Started
04. Best Of Both Worlds

LP3: Side F

01. 316
02. You Really Got Me / Cabo Wabo

LP4: Side G

01. Won’t Get Fooled Again
02. Jump
03. Top Of The World

LP4: Side H [Bonus Tracks]

01. The Dream Is Over
02. Eagles Fly
03. Mine All Mine

Van Halen 4LP Black Vinyl will look good in the collection. What’s your favourite live album? 


Written by Todd Hancock