Two Men Found Guilty of Murder in 2002 Killing of Run-DMC Jam Master Jay

February 27, 2024

Honestly, who would’ve seen this coming?! I bet you this is coming outta left field for the people being charged with murdering RUN-DMC‘s Jam Master Jay! After all this time? Amazing! Justice has been served!

In 2002, 37-year-old Jason William Mizell, a.k.a. DJ Jam Master Jay of RUN-DMC, was shot and killed in his recording studio in Queens, New York.

His killers have been convicted: Ronald Washington, Jay’s childhood friend, and Karl Jordan Jr., Jay’s godson.

HOLY CRAP, a friend and godson? Yikes. 

A U.S. federal jury started deliberating last Thursday – but since a juror was dismissed and replaced by an alternate, they had to restart deliberations again yesterday, February 26. It only took the jury about 10 hours to deliver the verdict.

A third defendant, Jay Bryant, goes to trial in January 2026.

2026. Why the wait? Seems a long way away, no? It’s only February 2024. That’s almost TWO YEARS FROM NOW.

“It’s definitely a long time coming,” said Jay’s cousin, Carlis Thompson, outside court. “Justice delayed is not always justice denied. Jason himself was an amazing talent. Life ended far, far too soon, and I’m just glad that justice was served.”

Are you shocked to see justice served? I never thought we’d ever find out who killed JMJ. Not in a million years! And how sick and twisted is it that it was Jay’s childhood friend and godson who did it?

Damn. Seems you can finally R.I.P., Jay.


Written by Todd Hancock