Tom Keifer On Next Solo Album: ‘Song Ideas Are Starting To Bubble’ –

June 26, 2023

Cinderella singer Tom Keifer was recently interviewed on SiriusXM’s “Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk” and talked about working on the follow up to his 2019 ‘Rise’ solo album! “I haven’t recorded anything [new]. Some song ideas are starting to bubble.”

Keifer added, “The pandemic kind of threw a wrench in everything, obviously. We were in the middle of working ‘Rise’; we were on the second single, ‘Hype’, and were about to go out on that ‘Big Rock Summer Tour’ [with RATT, Skid Row & Slaughter). And ‘Hype’ was kind of moving up the charts, and then everything got shut down. All the creative juices, all the energy during that couple of years just kind of… I know some people got creative; some people didn’t. I didn’t. [Laughs] So, it’s starting to come back now. I think getting back out on the road last year kind of ignited that spark again. But, yeah, we definitely wanna do a follow-up to it.”

“I would say records come in their time; I don’t like to rush them. But, yeah, there will for sure be a follow-up. And that antenna is starting to go up and song ideas are starting to kind of come in. Yeah, it’s coming.”

Meanwhile, Keifer’s solo band recently launched the “Live/Loud” 2023 tour with Winger and John Corabi. And while Cinderella hasn’t released a new studio album since 1994’s “Still Climbing”, the band has been playing shows here n’ there since 2010.

Have always thought Tom’s voice was one of the strongest of that scene / era. Stacks up against Motley Crue, Tesla, RATT, Skid Row. Name ’em.

Stoked to hear more solo stuff, Tom! And open invite to be a guest of my podcast. You’re a bucket list chat, no doubt.


Written by Todd Hancock