Tom Keifer On New Music: ‘We All Want To Make Another Record’

March 18, 2024

Cinderella singer Tom Keifer was recently a guest of SiriusXM’s “Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk” and talked about working on the follow-up to his 2019 album ‘Rise’. “Yeah, at some point there’ll be [a new album]. Inspiration hits at the oddest times.” Keifer said. “When the first solo record [2013’s ‘The Way Life Goes’] was released, we were so focused on touring that I just thought, ‘Man, I’m never gonna write another song again. The inspiration’s not coming, and I don’t know when we’re ever gonna get another record done.’ And then, for some strange reason, when we got off the road in 2018. we just ended up in the studio and all these songs just fell out and we had ‘Rise’ in about six months’ time, between the writing and the recording and mixing and all. So I feel that coming again.”

Keifer added, “I think that we all want to make another record, and there’s definitely some ideas for some songs starting to drift into the antenna. That’s how it always starts for me, is you get ideas for songs and you sing them into a voice memo or you jot down a line. I don’t usually finish them when they come to me that way; I just kind of store these ideas, and then at some point you’ve got a pile of them, you go, ‘Let’s go make a record.’ And then you finish out the songs and you record them. So, yeah, that process is going on all the time, of just collecting the ideas. You get an inspiration driving down the road, and you pull out the voice and then when you sing a chorus line into something and then don’t come back to it for who knows how long, but usually you come back to when you have a pile of those. And then you finish them out.”

Tom’s #KEIFERBAND is Savannah Keifer, Tony Higbee, Billy Mercer, Kendra Chantelle, Jarred Pope and Kory Myers.

If you’ve followed Keifer’s career, you’ll know that Cinderella hasn’t released an LP since ’94’s “Still Climbing”. The band started playing shows again in 2010, although Keifer has focused more on his solo career in recent years.

IMO Keifer is easily one of the most underrated singers of his time. He still has massive chops. Certainly a Top10 of wishful interviews for my podcast, Toddcast Podcast.


Written by Todd Hancock