The Rolling Stones’ ‘Chronicles’ Mini-Doc Has Launched

February 10, 2023

ABKCO Films has released “The Rolling Stones Chronicles” series on its YouTube channel! The series is six documentary shorts, each showcasing a different ’60s-era hit song by The Rolling Stones. As you’d expect, there’s interview clips with the band and historical figures, mixed with footage of historical world events. They’ll be released one week apart, on Thursday, between February 9 and March 16. Watch “Episode 1 – The Last Time” below!

Episode 1 highlights The Stones’ ’65 hit single “The Last Time” (U.S. No. 9; U.K. No. 1) and talked about the influence of early rock and roll and Chicago blues on the band and features footage of B.B. King and Little Richard.

Future episodes of “The Rolling Stones Chronicles” examine “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” (episode 2; releasing February 16).

Episode 3 (out Feb23) gets trippy, man. It’s the story of the infamous “Redlands bust,” wherein Jagger, Richards, singer Marianne Faithfull were arrested for drug possession at Richards’s home in ’67. “Episode 3 – She’s A Rainbow”, is out February 23.

Episode 4 is all about “Street Fighting Man” (release date: March 2). The story goes, the song was partially inspired by the 1968 student upheaval in Paris, and the struggle for racial equality, gay rights, the movement against the Vietnam War, student demonstrations and the troubles of Northern Ireland.
“Jumpin’ Jack Flash” takes centre stage in episode 5 and looks at technology and the birth of the computer age. The Cold War, the space race, nuclear testing play a part in this episode.
And last, but not least, “Episode 6 – Gimme Shelter” is being released on March 16 and looks at the turmoil that ended the decade; the hippie movement, the funeral for original guitarist Brian Jones and the Hyde Park tribute concert, and the tragedy of Altamont.
Samira Choudhury, producer for BBC Motion Gallery, said: “This project provided a unique opportunity to unearth contemporary and authentic voices from the BBC’s rich archive to give deeper meaning to The Rolling Stones’ most influential records, and show how the cultural and societal shifts of the 60s still resonate today”.

“The Rolling Stones Chronicles” release schedule:

* Feb. 9: “The Rolling Stones Chronicles – The Last Time” (episode 1)
*Feb. 16: “The Rolling Stones Chronicles – (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” (episode 2)
*Feb. 23: “The Rolling Stones Chronicles – She’s A Rainbow” (episode 3)
*Mar. 2: “The Rolling Stones Chronicles – Street Fighting Man” (episode 4)
*Mar. 9: “The Rolling Stones Chronicles – Jumpin’ Jack Flash” (episode 5)
*Mar. 16: “The Rolling Stones Chronicles – Gimme Shelter” (episode 6)

Pretty cool, hey? Which other bands would you like see the same treatment?


Written by Todd Hancock