The Pretty Reckless Is Recording Their Fifth Album

January 30, 2024

The Pretty Reckless has started down the road to recording album #5! You may have seen that their official Instagram account shared a short video with the caption “#5”. 


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The Pretty Reckless also posted a picture with singer Taylor Momsen with Jonathan Wyman, who co-produced the band’s latest album, 2021’s “Death By Rock And Roll”.

Two and two makes four, right? Place your bets that Wyman is back working with TPR.

If you follow the band, you may remember as far back as May ’23 (with 99.7 The Blitz radio station) that Taylor was talking about working on the follow-up to “Death By Rock And Roll”, “We’re in a great headspace. We’re just having fun with it, and wrapping up the tour cycle of ‘Death By Rock And Roll’. And then new record — and it’s next chapter. We’ve already kind of started it… We’ve gotten into a studio; we’ve stepped foot into a studio. So that’s saying something for us.”

When The Pretty Reckless released “Death By Rock And Roll”, it topped multiple sales charts including Billboard’s Top Albums, Rock, Hard Music, and Digital charts. It had three #1 songs – “Death By Rock And Roll”, “And So It Went” (featuring Tom Morello of RATM) and “Only Love Can Save Me Now” (featuring Kim Thayil and Matt Cameron of Soundgarden). So far, TPR has seven #1 singles!

ICYMI – Taylor was a guest of The Toddcast Podcast a couple years ago! Right around when they released “Death By Rock And Roll”. Check it out below if you missed it the first time around.

Do you think The Pretty Reckless’ new albm will fare as well on the charts? The momentum is building, no? Will the band have more guest appearance? Time will tell.


Written by Todd Hancock