The Offspring Announce ‘Supercharged’ LP, Shares ‘Make It All Right’ Single

June 10, 2024

Back in the early-mid 90s, would you have called The Offspring to still be around in 2024, kicking ass, taking names, touring, creating new music? Don’t lie. They just announced that their eleventh studio LP, “Supercharged”, is coming October 11! Hear the album’s first single, “Make It All Right”, below.

Singer Bryan “Dexter” Holland said this about the album, “We wanted this record to have pure energy — from the start to the finish! That’s why we called it ‘Supercharged’. From the height of our aspirations to the depths of our struggles, we talk about it all on this record…in a way that celebrates the life that we share and where we are now. Our single ‘Make It All Right’ is a great example of this because it talks about the people in our lives who make us feel strong when we are feeling low — our partners in crime who make us feel all right.”

He added, “The album was recorded in three different locations this time: Maui, Vancouver, and our home studio in Huntington Beach, and together with our producer Bob Rock everything came out awesome. I feel like this is the best we have ever sounded! We’ve been rocking out and headbanging to it for months! And we can’t wait for you guys to hear it!”

“Supercharged” track listing:

01. Looking Out For #1
02. Light It Up
03. The Fall Guy
04. Make It All Right
05. Ok, But This Is The Last Time
06. Truth In Fiction
07. Come To Brazil
08. Get Some
09. Hanging By A Thread
10. You Can’t Get There From Here

Meanwhile, maybe you caught this – Dexter was recently a guest of The Rolling Stone Music Now Podcast and talked about the LP’s musical direction, “I think it’s a David Bowie quote, who said, ‘You’ve gotta make it the same, but different.’ It’s funny, ’cause it’s true. ‘Cause if you sound too much like your other record, they go, ‘Oh, it just sounds like this record.’ And if you change too much, it throws people. And, of course, you’ve gotta ultimately satisfy your own creativity, what you wanna do. And luckily, I think that we’ve really expanded the circle of what we can do. We did ‘Gone Away’ on ‘Ixnay [On The Hombre]’ and we’ve done piano stuff and all that, but I think you have to balance that desire to grow with — you don’t wanna necessarily be too grown up, if that makes sense. You don’t wanna all of a sudden go, ‘I’m gonna make a record like U2.’ That doesn’t necessarily work the best for who you are as a band. We’re trying to keep that all in mind.”

The band’s last album, “Let The Bad Times Roll”, was massive. Seven Top 5 and ten Top 10 international debuts and nine Top 10 debuts in the U.S. The LP got to #3 on the U.K. chart and #1 on the Alternative Albums chart in the U.S.!

They’ve sold over 40 million albums worldwide and with any luck, they’ll add millions more with this new release.

Over the years, you’ve seen some lineup changes – currently: Dexter, Noodles, bassist Todd Morse, multi-instrumentalist Jonah Nimoy and drummer Brandon Pertzborn make up the band.

Once again, Bob Rock produced the new The Offspring album (he’s done the last four now). Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Right?