The Black Crowes Deluxe Reissue Of ‘The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion’ Details

September 4, 2023

The Black Crowes‘ deluxe reissue of their second album, “The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion”, is being released on December 1!

You can pre-order the deluxe reissue of “The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion” in a variety of formats, including “super deluxe” four-LP and three-CD box sets. Those have the original 132-page promotional hymn book, and sheet music for the nine Robinson brothers’ compositions. Along with the box, there are four 12″x12″ lithographs of images from “The Southern Harmony” photo shoots.

As you’d expect, the brothers Chris and Rich Robinson oversaw the project. You’ll hear 14 previously unreleased recordings, including two studio recordings, a live concert from February 1993, and the never-heard-before live in-studio performance recorded at the end of “The Southern Harmony” session along with B-sides and the original album, now remastered!

CD1 – The Southern Harmony & Musical Companion

01. Sting Me
02. Remedy
03. Thorn In My Pride
04. Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye
05. Sometimes Salvation
06. Hotel Illness
07. Black Moon Creeping
08. No Speak No Slave
09. My Morning Song
10. Time Will Tell

CD2 – More Companions: Unreleased, Outtakes And B-Sides

01. 99 Pounds
02. Miserable
03. Rainy Day Women No 12 & 35
04. Boomer’s Story
05. Darling Of The Underground Press
06. Sting Me (Slow)
07. Bad Luck Blue Eyes, Goodbye
08. Sometimes Salvation
09. Black Moon Creeping

CD3 – Southern Harmony Live: November 3, 1993 Houston, TX

01. No Speak No Slave
02. Sting Me
04. My Morning Song
05. Jam
06. Thorn In My Pride
07. Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye
08. Black Moon Creeping
09. Hotel Illness
10. Sometimes Salvation
11. Remedy

Meanwhile, The Black Crowes support Aerosmith on their “Peace Out” Farewell Tour,  which started September 2 in Philadelphia.

Is this album the peak of their creativity? Is it their best? If not, which album is?


Written by Todd Hancock