The Beatles’ 1970 ‘Let It Be’ Film To Be Restored By Peter Jackson’s Team

April 19, 2024

ICYMI, “Let It Be”, director Michael Lindsay-Hogg’s original 1970 movie about The Beatles, will be on Disney+ as of May 8, 2024. This’ll be the first time the movie is available in over 50 years!

And now, director Peter Jackson is restoring the movie! 

Word is “Let It Be” will contain footage not featured in Jackson’s “Get Back” docuseries. You’ll go into the recording studio and on to Apple Corps’ London rooftop concert in January ’69. 

Jackson said, “I’m absolutely thrilled that Michael’s movie, ‘Let It Be’, has been restored and is finally being re-released after being unavailable for decades. I was so lucky to have access to Michael’s outtakes for ‘Get Back’, and I’ve always thought that ‘Let It Be’ is needed to complete the ‘Get Back’ story. Over three parts, we showed Michael and The Beatles filming a groundbreaking new documentary, and ‘Let It Be’ is that documentary — the movie they released in 1970. I now think of it all as one epic story, finally completed after five decades. The two projects support and enhance each other: ‘Let It Be’ is the climax of ‘Get Back’, while ‘Get Back’ provides a vital missing context for ‘Let It Be’. Michael Lindsay-Hogg was unfailingly helpful and gracious while I made ‘Get Back’, and it’s only right that his original movie has the last word…looking and sounding far better than it did in 1970.”


Written by Todd Hancock