Tesla Will Record ‘A Couple Of New Songs’ In February

September 29, 2023

Tesla bassist Brian Wheat recently sat down with Bass Musician Magazine and talked about the band’s plans for the coming months, “I’ll go back at the end of this month and I’ll be all refreshed, ready to tackle the second Vegas residency we’re doing. And then we’ve got a couple more dates up the Oregon coast, and then I think we got one in Georgia, and then we’re done till January. Next year Tesla’s got… We did these ‘Real To Reel’ records in 2006, which were cover records that were analog on tape and stuff. So we never put those out on vinyl. So that’s coming out next year, on vinyl. It’s only on CD and digital. It was never vinyl. And then I think we’re gonna go in the studio in February and record a couple of new TESLA songs and maybe a couple covers, and play, I mean, on the TESLA front, that’s what we do. I’ve got no like major record to say, ‘Oh, we’ve got a new album coming out.’ No. I mean, we’ve made so many of them.”

Tesla hasn’t released a new studio album since 19’s “Shock” (which was produced and co-written by Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen). They have released stand alone songs, “Time To Rock!” & “Cold Blue Steel”, but not a full album. 

And, earlier this month, they released the official music video for their cover of Aerosmith’s “S.O.S. (Too Bad)”. You can find that song as a bonus track on Tesla’s live album, “Full Throttle Live!”.

Meanwhile, you’ll remember that in September ’21, Tesla drummer Troy Luccketta said he was going to “take a little time from the road” to spend with family and friends. His replacement is Steve Brown, the younger brother of former Dokken drummer Mick Brown.

IMO Tesla is one of the most overrated rock bands of their time. Love this band!


Written by Todd Hancock