Tesla: ‘Full Throttle Live’ Album Release Info

May 17, 2023

Tesla is set to release their new live album, “Full Throttle Live”, on May 26! The set was recorded last August at Full Throttle Saloon in Sturgis, South Dakota.

Guitarist Frank Hannon and bassist Brian Wheat recorded, mixed and produced the album.

“Full Throttle Live” track listing

01. Miles Away
02. Changes
03. Time to Rock
04. Breakin’ Free
05. Call It What You Want
06. Lazy Days Crazy Nights
07. Cold Blue Steel
08. Edison’s Medicine
09. S.O.S. (Too Bad)

Meanwhile, Hannon was interviewed by Metal Edge and talked about the album, “It’s 100% live, and it was recorded at the Sturgis Bike Rally, which is one of the great events that we love. It’s got motorcycles, rock music and a ton of energy. We love it, and the night that we played there, man, we were on fire. And I think we really captured it with this record… like lightning in a bottle. We’ve got a bonus track that we’ll include, an old Aerosmith song called ‘S.O.S. (Too Bad)’, and I don’t think too many people know it. We basically went back to California, hunkered down in my garage, set up some microphones, and recorded it live right then and there. I think that song is one of their best songs, and it was killer to get to record it.”

As you know, Tesla drummer Troy Luccketta is ‘taking a little time from the road’ to spend with family and friends. Steve Brown, the younger brother of former Dokken drummer Mick Brown, is filling in.

And, if you’re into a Vegas trip, Tesla just added five more shows to their residency at House Of Blues at Mandalay Bay Resort And Casino. New show dates start on Friday, September 29. Sounds like a great excuse for a debaucherous Vegas weekend.


Written by Todd Hancock