System of a Down’s Serj Tankian ‘Foundations’ Solo EP Coming This September

May 1, 2024

LOL he might find it hard to get an ‘add’ at North American radio stations. ‘All Fucking Day’ is the name of System Of A Down singer Serj Tankian‘s new solo song. Believe they’re going with ‘A.F. Day’ as the title. Good call. The full song is being released May 17.

You’ll find it on his new solo EP, “Foundations”, out in September. 


Tankian said, “It’s five songs. We just shot five videos for it last week with members of the FCC, my back-up band, which was really fun, and we’re going to put it out in September. We’re actually going to start leaking some material as early as next month.”

“The reason I’m putting it out is that archival nature of writing a book made me look into songs from different periods of time. So one of the songs is from early System days, for example, that I’ve never put out, that I’d never worked with System on. A couple of the songs are from my early 2007-2008 solo record period, but didn’t fit the record (‘Elect The Dead’, released in October 2007).

Tankian added, “It’s an interesting retrospective of rock music that I’ve never released from different times, and it’s called ‘Foundations’ basically because it’s the founding of my musical life. They’re very interesting songs, very different from each other: one is really heavy, one is like, really progressive, there’s just different elements to each of them. But I think they work in tandem.”

Meanwhile, Serj’s book, “Down With The System”: A Memoir Of Sorts, is out May 14 via Hachette Books!

System Of A Down recently (April 27) co-headlined the second instalment of the Sick New World festival in Las Vegas. They have a one-off concert with Deftones at the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California, on August 17. 


Good to see Serj still bangin’ away, as much as it would be cool to hear a new System album. From the teaser above, same sound, still Serj. One of the most interesting people I interviewed during my time as Afternoon Host at 99.3 The Fox, Vancouver.

Bring it on, Serj!


Written by Todd Hancock