Slaughter Working On ‘The Wild Life’ Definitive Edition Documentary

March 26, 2023

Slaughter frontman Mark Slaughter was recently interviewed on Detroit’s WRIF radio station and talked about whether the band is working on a new studio album, “No. But Dana [Strum, bass] and I, when we wrote [1990’s debut album] ‘Stick It To Ya’, we wrote it in about two and a half weeks. So it doesn’t take us long to write the songs; it’s more about getting us all in the same room… But we don’t have a set date. We’re just kind of doing all these shows and we’re kind of earmarking the calendar where we have holes in the schedule where we can do that.”

Slaughter talked about the status of original drummer Blas Elias, “[He will play with us] when he can do that. And he has family commitments and he has other things that he’s doing right now. Blas is, and always will be, a big part of the band. He was the original player. Jordan [Cannata, fill-in drummer] is a fantastic drummer. So I don’t know. When we get to the time of recording, it’s kind of, like, who’s available and what works? But I know that we’re working on a biopic right now, and obviously Blas will be a part of that. I think that’s probably — once we get something like that out is when we’ll release something where Blas comes back and we really go for it as close to original as we can.”

And Slaughter talked about a band “biopic”, which will come out as a documentary, “Yeah, that all started during the COVID time. We started going through our drawers. You throw all your junk in a drawer and then you come back and you go, ‘Man, what’s this?’ And then you start sending it back to each other: ‘Hey, dude, you remember this?’ So we ended up finding a 24-track tape which we had basically cooked, and then we took all the files off it. It was a show we did at Universal, in a Dick Clark production, and we did a whole show in between doing the tapings. So we have a full live show with [late SLAUGHTER guitarist] Tim Kelly on it that I’m mixing or trying to pull together for a release, probably through BMG. So we’re pulling all that together right now. And there are a few of those songs that we threw in this ‘The Wild Life’ compilation in this box set that’ll be in there. But that was a great find; it really was.”

You can pre-order the definitive edition here

Slaughter was always a band that made playlists back in the day. Cool to see them still banging it out all these years later! Mark’s voice is holding up!


Written by Todd Hancock