Shinedown’s Brent Smith: ‘We’ve Been Working On New Material For A While’

February 27, 2024

Shinedown singer Brent Smith was recently interview on Orlando, Florida radio station FM 101.9 and talked about the band’s plans for the rest of the year, “Man, [Shinedown’s latest single] ‘A Symptom Of Being Human’ is taking a very interesting trajectory. We are definitely not off cycle with this song. It’s moving into other formats, which is pretty amazing. But we’re already in the studio. We’ve been working on new material for a while.”

Smith added, “We’re starting the architecture on what’s gonna be the international plan for 2025 and 2026 with the band, which is quite massive. We’ve got a handful of shows that we’re gonna be doing this year. Some are already announced, some are gonna be later on, within the next couple of months. And there’s gonna be a lot of stuff that [will be revealed] over time this year. We’re trying to balance what’s going on at the moment, but we’re always working and we’re always being — it’s always what’s next, what do we have to say, what do we wanna accomplish. So we’re never really off cycle.”

Shinedown’s song “A Symptom Of Being Human” recently made it to #1 on Billboard’s Active Rock chart. That’s their record-breaking 21st #1 song!

“A Symptom Of Being Human” is the fourth #1 song on Shinedown’s seventh studio album “Planet Zero”. They’ve had over 40 million streams, across all versions of the song including a pop remix, acoustic version, and piano version.

Impressive, right?

In case you missed it, we talked to Smith & Myers a few years back, during the pandemic. Good guys.


“Planet Zero” debuted Top 5 on Billboard’s 200 chart and the official U.K. albums chart, and at #1 on six other Billboard charts, including Top Album Sales, Rock, Hard Rock, and Alternative Albums.

Do you think they’ll continue with four (or more) #1 songs on their new album? Can Shinedown keep up this torrid pace?


Written by Todd Hancock