See Trailer For Hollywood Vampires Doc ‘Unleashed Spirits’

March 26, 2024

They’ve released a trailer for the upcoming documentary, “Unleashed Spirits – The Rise Of The Hollywood Vampires“!

This new doc will take you on a journey through the formation of the band (named for a pack of famous musicians that Alice Cooper used to drink with in the early 1970s, including John Lennon and Keith Moon).

Hollywood Vampires is Cooper, Aerosmith’s Joe Perry, actor Johnny Depp and producer / songwriter Tommy Henriksen.

The trio first played together in ’15, playing their favourite songs and celebrating their “dead, drunk friends”.

Five years ago, Cooper talked to Billboard about his chemistry with Depp and Perry, “That’s a very odd thing about this. You’ve got three alpha males who are used to running the show, and all of a sudden, three guys are sitting there with zero arguments. The whole thing is, ‘Okay, let’s try that.’ Every time they would send me a track with scratch vocals on it, if I worked on it and chopped it up and did my thing, it would turn into an Alice song. I took my fingerprints off of it. I would hear the song and say, ‘Let’s do it as it was written.’ My instinct might be to say that this part goes too long or the intro goes too long, but that’s what makes it interesting.”

Hollywood Vampires released their first live album, “Live In Rio”, in June 2023.

Perhaps they’re working on new music to coincide with the release of the documentary?


Written by Todd Hancock