Sam Mendes’ Beatles biopics have cast the Band Members

June 6, 2024

Wonder if this is actually the cast members? They’re saying the cast of Sam Mendes’ upcoming The Beatles biopics have been revealed.

ScreenRant and Vogue both reported (and attributed to The InSneider) that Sam Mendes has found his Fab Four.

You’ve heard about this last month, Paul Mescal will reportedly play Paul McCartney. Now, the other members: Harrison Dickinson will play John Lennon, Barry Keoghan is Ringo Starr and Charlie Rowe as George Harrison.

Quite honestly, none of those names ring a bell. Which is fine. It’s not about those actors, anyway. It’s about arguably the best band ever assembled.

If you’re not up-to-speed about what Mendes is doing – you can expect four Beatles biopics, one told from the perspective of each member. Cool, right?

And yes, this project marks the first time Apple Corps Ltd. and The Beatles have granted full life story and music rights for a scripted film.

They’re eyeballing each film to be released in 2027, with the band saying, “The dating cadence of the films, the details of which will be shared closer to release, will be innovative and groundbreaking.”

Which other bands would you like to see have biopics made of each member?


Written by Todd Hancock