Rush’s Geddy Lee Is Auctioning Some Of His Baseball Memorabilia Collection

November 7, 2023

Would you’ve thought you’d ever have the chance to own some of Rush singer Geddy Lee’s personal sports memorabilia? It could happen! Christie’s and Hunt Auctions made the announcement that on December 6 they’ll have a live auction called, ”Selections From The Geddy Lee Collection And Important Baseball Memorabilia“.


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Geddy Lee is well known to be a baseball fanastic. He’s been collecting memorabilia since the late ’70s. “The Geddy Lee Collection” has hundreds of autographed and historic milestone baseballs, combing over three centuries of Major League Baseball and American history.

Highlights include: a 1965 baseball signed by The Beatles during their Shea Stadium appearance! Lee also has a collection of U.S. presidential autographed baseballs, including examples ceremonial first pitch balls signed by John F. Kennedy, Harry Truman, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Lyndon B. Johnson.

Geddy took to social media to explain his decision to part with some of his collection, “It’s been an education and privilege for the past 35 years to amass a wonderful and supremely mammoth collection of baseball memorabilia. Yet, I’ve decided it’s time to move some of it on for other collectors to enjoy.

“I admit I’m a crazy person, who’s been obsessed with the acquisition of many, MANY, fascinating things. Most recently, of course, a wonderful collection of vintage bass guitars. Yet, you just can’t have it all! What an effin’ blast it’s been, but I must have had too much stuff because after these selections were sent to Christies my wife stepped into my office and said, ‘Hey! I thought you were selling some of your collection?? ‘ … Uh, yeah Honey, I am…. Oopsie!

“So for all you other baseball nuts and collecting maniacs out there.. check out my awesome stuff at Christie’s in New York. Online now and live Auction on Dec 6th.”

Lee was interviewed by MLB in ’16 and said, “Well, baseball is a great thing to watch when you’re on the road because you’ve got a lot of dead time. And it’s a fantastic way, for me, to escape from the rigors of the road and from whatever I’m up to. And I watch the games whenever I can and I follow the box scores religiously — even during intermission.”

What’s the most you’d be willing to fork out for a piece of Geddy Lee’s sports memorabilia?


Written by Todd Hancock