Roger Waters Announces ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon Redux’, Shares His Reinterpretation Of ‘Money’

July 23, 2023

Roger Waters is releasing “The Dark Side Of The Moon Redux”, a reinterpretation of Pink Floyd‘s biggest album, fifty years after the original release. You can get ahold of ‘Redux’ as of October 6, 2023!

Waters has already released his reinterpretation of “Money”.

Pink Floyd recorded “The Dark Side Of The Moon” when Rogers was only 29 years old! 

“The memories of a man in his old age – are the deeds of a man in his prime” is the opening line of “The Dark Side Of The Moon Redux” and you’ll see Waters looking back on his career; creativity, age, wisdom, philosophy, politics.

It’s all there.

It’s said that ‘Redux’ add more of Waters’ vocals, yet production is striped back (think more raw, more delicate). While the album has been reimagined, you can also expect a bonus 13-minute original composition inspired by the re-recording as a final track.

Waters said, “The original ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ feels in some ways like the lament of an elder being on the human condition. But Dave, Rick, Nick and I were so young when we made it, and when you look at the world around us, clearly the message hasn’t stuck. That’s why I started to consider what the wisdom of an 80-year-old could bring to a reimagined version.”

Waters added, “When I first mentioned the idea of re-recording ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’ to Gus and Sean, we all thought I was mad, but the more we considered it, the more we thought ‘isn’t that the whole point?’ I’m immensely proud of what we have created, a work that can sit proudly alongside the original, hand in hand across a half century of time.”

“The Dark Side Of The Moon Redux” track listing:

CD / Digital

01. Speak To Me
02. Breathe
03. On The Run
04. Time
05. Great Gig In The Sky
06. Money
07. Us And Them
08. Any Colour You Like
09. Brain Damage
10. Eclipse


01. Side One
02. Speak To Me
03. Breathe
04. On The Run
05. Time

Side Two

01. Great Gig In The Sky
02. Money

Side Three

01. Us And Them
02. Any Colour You Like
03. Brain Damage
04. Eclipse

Side Four

01. Original Composition


How many other albums can you think of (epic albums) that could be re-imagined like this? Wow. What an accomplishment for Roger Waters!


Written by Todd Hancock