Rival Sons Announce New Album, ‘Lightbringer’

August 23, 2023

Rival Sons is releasing their new album, “Lightbringer”, on October 20! If you follow the band, you know that this is their second album of 2023. “Darkfighter” was released June 2. You can pre-order “Lightbringer” now in two vinyl variants — fruit punch and lemonade — as well as the CD version. They’ve released the ‘Sweet Life’ lyric video.

Guitarist Scott Holiday said, “When you do two albums back to back like this, there are a lot of things to think about. The first record has to pack enough of a punch and tell enough of a story for the second half to have an even bigger impact. We balanced them out with energy and meaning, but the follow-up always needed to deliver a bigger blow. I think ‘Lightbringer’ provides this.”

Singer Jay Buchanan said, “‘Darkfighter’ is a new Rival Sons, and ‘Lightbringer’ is the clear definition of what we are now. We broke ground on ‘Darkfighter’, but ‘Lightbringer’ is a step beyond the personal innovation and exploration. It goes a little further. We really took everything into our own hands and pushed to see how far we could go. It was a self-exploration to see who we were and who we’ll be now. We had more friction and compromise than ever, because we isolated the bare essence of where we needed to go — and then we went there.”

Rivals Sons made both albums during recording sessions in 2021. Ah yes, COVID. 

The band is currently touring with Smashing Pumpkins.

“Lightbringer” track listing:

01. Darkfighter
02. Mercy
03. Redemption
04. Sweet Life
05. Before The Fire
06. Mosaic

If Rival Sons isn’t the best rock band of the last 5 years, which band is?


Written by Todd Hancock