PlayStation Hit With A Gender Discrimination Lawsuit. Again.

May 25, 2022

Earlier this year you may remember that a gender discrimination lawsuit against PlayStation was dismissed. Now, it’s been resubmitted with more evidence!

In November ’21, Emma Majo submitted a suit that claimed Sony Interactive Entertainment didn’t pay female staff equally to male staff doing very similar jobs. The lawsuit claimed that Sony willfully violated the Equal Pay Act in the US. Majo filed a gender bias complaint to Sony in 2021, and was fired “soon after”.

In April, Sony requested the lawsuit be dismissed “on the ground that the plaintiff alleges only unactionable run-of-the-mill personnel activity and thus does not plausibly plead claims”.

Since this lawsuit, eight women have also alleged sexual harassment and discrimination issues within Sony.

Game on.

Now, there’s an amended lawsuit that’s been submitted to a California court, this time asking for compensation for all women who worked at PlayStation’s California locations below vice president level, instead of for all female PlayStation employees across the US.

The allegations remain the same; claims that women were passed up for a promotion in favour of male colleagues, unequal pay – and now the suit casts a bigger net with “more specific facts about the classwide policies and practices at PlayStation which institutionalized gender-based discrimination and gender-based harassment”.

Sony hasn’t commented.

Do you think Sony/PlayStation is going to lose this lawsuit?


Written by Todd Hancock