P.O.D.’s New Album Is ‘Mixed, Mastered’ And ‘Ready To Go’

August 8, 2023

P.O.D. singer Sonny Sandoval was recently a guest of “The Jesea Lee Show” and talked about the songwriting and recording sessions for their next album, saying, “It’s been a long progress, just because of COVID and everything. Once COVID hit, everybody thought, ‘Well, we can make records and get everything out and get it ready to go.’ But it was kind of a difficult thing for us because we’re used to being together and writing together. So, it was a different process for us, but now it’s mixed, mastered, ready to go, but we aren’t releasing it till next year, because, you know, the way labels work. But it’s cool, ’cause they’re gonna waterfall like a bunch of different singles and stuff like that. So it should be cool. So hopefully by… The plan is by the time the record comes out, you would have already seen three videos or [heard] four or five songs.”

As for what you can expect of the sound of the new album? “All we know how to do is be ourselves. But I think this album is definitely more rocking. The last album, ‘Circles’, was a little bit more on the alternative side and a little bit of all the elements of our styles and flavors. But this one, it’s just kind of rock, you know what I mean? But I dig it. I think it’s kind of the album that we needed. Not everybody gets all the different flavors and styles and the soulfulness of P.O.D. Sometimes I compare it to… I don’t eat McDonald’s, but they’re the number one food chain for a reason. People, they know what they get, they know what to expect. I’m more of a foodie, so I like a great burger or maybe a steak. But people love their McDonald’s, so sometimes you just kind of give ’em what they want.”

P.O.D. hasn’t released a new album since 2018’s “Circles”.

They’re no strangers to success; their 2001 album “Satellite” debuted #6 on the Billboard 200, sold over seven million copies worldwide and earned the band four singles: the title track, “Alive”, “Youth Of The Nation” and “Boom”. They’ve also had three Grammy nominations for “Alive” (“Best Hard Rock Performance”, 2002), “Portrait” (“Best Metal Performance”, 2003) and “Youth Of The Nation” (“Best Hard Rock Performance”, 2003).

Do you think P.O.D. will find more commercial success with their new album?


Written by Todd Hancock