Ozzy Wants To Record New Album In ’24: ‘I’m Just Starting To Work On It Now’

September 29, 2023

As you know, Ozzy Osbourne has been busy the last few years – releasing two albums – 2020’s “Ordinary Man” and 2022’s “Patient Number 9”. And he’s not done! Ozzy was interviewed by Metal Hammer and said he wants to record another album next year, “I’m getting myself fit. I’ve done two albums fairly recently, but I want to do one more album and then go back on the road.”

Ozzy said he’d like to record with Mike Watt at his new studio in the U.K., “I’m just starting to work on it now, and we’ll be recording in the early part of next year. I want to take my time with this one.”

Ozzy also gave an update on his health after his his “final surgery” this month, “I’ve had all the surgery now, thank god. I’m feeling okay — it was just dragging on. I thought I’d be back on my feet months ago, I just couldn’t get used to this mode of living, constantly having something wrong. I can’t walk properly yet, but I’m not in any pain anymore and the surgery on my spine went great.”

Ozzy had spinal surgery after a fall at home in ’19 that aggravated injuries he sustained in a near-fatal quad bike crash in 2003.

Ozzy’s health issues (including getting COVID) has forced him to cancel tours as of late.

How many more Ozzy Osbourne albums will we hear? Let’s hope his health picks up and it’s many, many more.