Ozzy Osbourne’s ‘The Madhouse Chronicles’

April 11, 2024

Ozzy Osbourne and Billy Morrison (Billy Idol rhythm guitarist / former The Cult bassist) are launching a new Internet TV show called ‘The Madhouse Chronicles‘!

Morrison talked about the show in the latest episode of “The Osbournes Podcast”, “Our new show, ‘The Madhouse Chronicles’, is dropping this April. Join us as we sit back in the Osbourne madhouse, reacting to the wildest Internet clips and diving into topics like aliens, drugs, conspiracies, and rock and roll. Visit osbournemediahouse.com for early access, limited-edition merch, and more — even the re-release of iconic ‘Osbournes’ TV show in 4K. Don’t miss out, and see you in the madhouse.”

You’ll know Ozzy and Billy as longtime buddies who co-host the “Ozzy Speaks” show on SiriusXM. The chemistry is already there. The ‘Chronicles’ has massive potential to be amazing! Ozzy makes an appearance on Morrison’s star-studded new album, “The Morrison Project” (along with Slipknot’s Corey Taylor, Ministry’s Al Jourgensen, Motley Crue’s John 5). That album is out April 19.

Which rockstar would you like to see create a TV show?


Written by Todd Hancock