Out-Of-Touch Spotify CEO says “the cost of creating content” is “close to zero”

June 2, 2024

Spotify‘s CEO, Daniel Ek, is an utter loser. And you should seriously think about deleting Spotify and finding other ways to stream your music. Look at what this goof posted on Twitter: “the cost of creating content” in today’s world is “close to zero”.


As you’d expect, Daniel’s tweet, “Today, with the cost of creating content being close to zero, people can share an incredible amount of content. This has sparked my curiosity about the concept of long shelf life versus short shelf life. While much of what we see and hear quickly becomes obsolete, there are timeless ideas or even pieces of music that can remain relevant for decades or even centuries. For example, we’re witnessing a resurgence of Stoicism, with many of Marcus Aurelius’s insights still resonating thousands of years later. This makes me wonder: what are the most unintuitive, yet enduring ideas that aren’t frequently discussed today but might have a long shelf life? Also, what are we creating now that will still be valued and discussed hundreds or thousands of years from today?” sparked some debate among Twitter users.

“Music will still be valued in a hundred years. Spotify won’t,” one wrote in response. “It will only be remembered as a bad example of a parasitic tool for extracting value from other peoples music. (or “content” as some grifters like to call it).”

Producer and musician Rusty Egan wrote: “Cost of time to write music, cost of equipment to record music, cost to master and to upload to all platforms is not zero. Zero is the cost and value of tiktok hits.”


Proxy Music founder / journalist James Thornhill said, “Making music costs – time, skills, studio time, mastering. This guy is totally out of touch.”

Adding gas to the fire, Spotify confirmed record profits of over 1 BILLION, after laying off staff and rising subscription prices.

Complete garbage. Honestly, I’ve never used Spotify. And shit like this will make it so I NEVER use that service. Ek can suck it.


Spotify has over 615 million users. And yet, laid off 17% of its workforce to save costs. Greed. It’s all about greed for that smug Ek.

And to add to the gaslighting, the platform demonetized all songs on the platform with less than 1,000 streams. You know, the artists/bands that actually NEED the royalties.

If you really want to get back at this shit-eater, delete Spotify from your life. What an out-of-touch loser, making BILLIONS on the backs of creatives. Ungrateful prick.


Written by Todd Hancock