New Vampire Weekend album “close to being done”

July 4, 2023

According to Vampire Weekend‘s drummer Chris Tomson, their new album is inspired by raga and is “close to being done”.

Tomson revealed the news in a newsletter – yes, newsletter – to fans of the band.

The band is working on the follow-up to 2019’s ‘Father Of The Bride” and recently said they’d be releasing a new vinyl-only live album series.

In the newsletter, it read, “Ezra [singer, Koenig] took a raga singing lesson with Terry Riley in rural Japan and wrote what he considers to be 7 of his all-time top 10 best songs.”

Writing about how the band was then able “to connect, jawbone, and jam” together, Thomson said: “I personally found an immense peace and pleasure from creating with the guys like we had in the Ruggles days. The vibe was strong.”

Thomson added the album is “close to done”, and said expect updates before the end of the year, “I feel like it just might be our best yet. 10 songs, no skips.”

This is great news! I’d put Vampire Weekend in the underrated category. How ’bout you?


Written by Todd Hancock