Mick Mars Has ‘Four Pretty Solid Ideas’ For Second Solo Album

December 18, 2023

Mötely Crüe guitarist was recently interviewed by Katie Daryl of AXS TV’s “Now Listen” and said he’s already thinking about his second solo album, “I’ve already got four pretty solid ideas that are a little more — it’s not advanced. It’s like more in a direction of ‘Undone’ [from Mick’s upcoming solo debut, ‘The Other Side Of Mars’] or something more cinematic, but it’s still pretty thick.”

You’ll be able to pick up Mars’ debut album, “The Other Side Of Mars”, as of February 23, 2024.

Jacob Bunton collaborated with Mars on “The Other Side Of Mars”. He’s previously worked with original Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler and  Cinderella singer Tom Keifer, and has songwriting credits with Mariah Carey, Steven Tyler and Smokey Robinson, among others!

Bunton is the singer on Mars’ album, with the exception of two songs.

Other guests on Mars’ album include Winger/Alice Cooper keyboardist Paul Taylor, Korn drummer Ray Luzier, and Brion Gamboa, the other singer, for songs “Undone” and “Killing Breed”.

As you know, Mars announced his retirement from touring with Mötley Crüe in October ’22, citing worsening health issue and said he would remain a member of the band, with John 5 taking his place when the band tours. Now, Mars has since filed a lawsuit against Mötley in LA County’s Superior Court, saying that after his retirement, the rest of the band tried to remove him as a significant stakeholder in the group’s corporation and business holdings via a shareholders’ meeting.

Yikes. Not a good look for Nikki, Tommy and Vince.

Mars — whose real name is Robert Alan Deal — has been Mötley Crüe’s lead guitarist since the band’s formation in 1981.

Name a messier split to any band/member, any genre. 


Written by Todd Hancock