Metallica Working On Documentary About Their ‘Superfans’

July 27, 2023

Do you wanna be in a Metallica documentary? They just put out a casting call for “superfans” to possibly appear in an upcoming documentary!

Slam that casting call button if you’re “big personalities, unique characters and unexpected stories from Metallica fans who consider Metallica to be their favorite band, real ‘Fifth Member’ types. All stories and walks of life are welcome and encouraged to reach out.”

Earlier this year, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich said the use of “Master Of Puppets” last year in “Stranger Things” created a new generation of Metallica fans.

Ulrich told Japan’s TVK, “I’m just so happy that hard music and hard rock still has a place. To see so many young people connecting with music again. . . I can see it my kids; I can see it, in the last nine months, the ‘Stranger Things’ phenomenon of so many young kids discovering ‘Master Of Puppets’ and that being a gateway to maybe more Metallica music or to more heavy music or heavy rock music.”

Seems like a pretty simple process, fill out the super fan casting call and wait. Good luck, lemme know if you get cast! Love to hear the story and what went down.


Written by Todd Hancock