Liam Gallagher “blown away” by ‘Definitely Maybe’ live production

May 28, 2024

Liam Gallagher is about to embark on his ‘Definitely Maybe’ tour and says he’s “blown away” by the live production. Get this – he says the stage is almost identical to the image in his mind! 

Gallagher is playing Oasis’ ’94 debut album in full across the UK and Ireland next month, to mark its 30th anniversary. He plays four gigs at The O2 in London and the new Co-Op Live arena in Manchester, as well as further stops in Sheffield, Cardiff, Glasgow and Dublin.

Now, two days before opening night, Liam says the live production is like “a photo of what’s in my mind”.

He wrote on Twitter, “Production rehearsals tday for DM shenanigans CMON. Adding, “Absolutely blown away by the set it’s full on Psychedelic it’s like they’ve taken a photo of what’s in my mind.”

One fan on Twitter asked, “Liam will you sing the album following the original order of the tracks or will it be mixed up?” To which Gallagher replied, “Mixed up can’t be singing live forever 4songs into the set.” Fair, coming from Live Forever LG himself.

Should you expect any solo songs? “Not a drop.” Gallagher wrote about the length of the sets, saying, “I’m gonna start with 20 [songs] and if my voice holds up what ever the hipsters call it these days I’ll up it to 30 then 40 then 50 I’ll show them.”

Ex-Oasis guitarist Bonehead is joining Gallagher on the tour. This is noteworthy because of Bonehead’s previous cancer scare. He’s been given the green light to get back at it!

Do you think Oasis will ever get back together and tour? I do. It’s only a matter of time.


Written by Todd Hancock