Lamb Of God Release 80-Minute Documentary About Making The ‘Omens’ Album

October 11, 2023

Lamb Of God just kicked your ass with their new 80-minute documentary, “Making Of: Omens”! Of course, that’s assuming you watch it, and you really should! It’s. So. Damn. Good. ** Starry eyes emoji **

“Omens” is the follow up to Lamb Of God’s self-titled album, and the first with drummer Art Cruz, who joined in July ’19 and replaced founding drummer, Chris Adler.

Back in August ’22, their bassist John Campbell talked to Germany’s EMP and said that “Omens” was “a fairly dynamic record. There’s a few other little surprises and tweaks,” he said. “But we recorded it differently this time. We went to Los Angeles and all of us in the same room and same time recording, which gave us some leeway to make changes as things happened and just kind of feel it out in a different way than we’ve done in the past, which would be everybody kind of going in their corner recording and it gets assembled later. So it was a real team effort on this one, in the recording — all the way through it’s been a team effort — and in the recording especially, when we were all in the same room doing that stuff, it was great. I got to spend three and a half weeks working on a record instead of four or five days — working on the recording of the record.”

Agreed. Lamb Of God are heavy af and should be in your musical rotation. Do it.

Kudos all around to the team that created this documentary! Well done!! It immediately goes into my Top5 rock docs. Where do you put it on your list?


Written by Todd Hancock