Korn’s James ‘Munky’ Shaffer Starts Experimental Electronic Project, Venera

August 16, 2023

Is this the first time you’re hearing about Venera? The experimental electronic project was formed by James “Munky” Shaffer (Korn) and Atlanta-based composer/filmmaker Chris Hunt. Their self-titled debut album is being released on October 13.

Venera released their debut song, “Swarm”, last month. Now, they’ve released their first single, and video, for the track “Hologram” (featuring guest vocals/piano from Rizz of Vowws).

In a joint statement from Shaffer and Hunt, they said, “‘Hologram’ emerged quickly from our first session together. A nearly unchanging drum machine pattern nested in warbling guitars. We don’t interact much with holograms but they seem to offer an image of an alluring emptiness and light, which resonates well with the universe we are driven to explore.”

Venera’s debut album has several guests, including drummer Deantoni Parks (The Mars Volta, John Cale) on “Erosion” and “Disintegration”, Health’s Jacob Duzsik sings on “Ochre” and Alain Johannes (QOTSA) sings on “Triangle”.

“Venera” track listing:

01. Alignment
02. Erosion (ft. Deantoni Parks)
03. Ochre (ft. HEALTH)
04. Swarm
05. Disintegration (ft. Deantoni Parks)
06. Hologram (ft. VOWWS)
07. Surrender
08. Triangle (ft. Alain Johannes)
09. Helium

The origin of Venera goes back to early ’22 when Shaffer and Hunt were working together on songs for singer Xhoana X. Their mutual interest in electronics and experimentation got them thinking about starting something together. And now, here we are.

What do you think about the two songs they’ve released? It’s a departure for Munky, for sure, but some interesting tones and textures! I bet you’ll end up hearing this music in movie scores and TV shows.


Written by Todd Hancock