Jam Master Jay’s Murder Trial Begins

January 30, 2024

Jam Master Jay’s (real name Jason Mizell) murder trial has begun and prosecutors are saying that the Run-DMC icon’s killing was fuelled by greed and revenge. Jay was only 37 when he was shot in the head at his recording studio in New York, October ’02.

As you know, it’s been over two decades since Jay’s death. Now, Karl Jordan Jr, 40, and Ronald Washington, 59, are on trial in New York accused of killing the musician.

Get this, the two were originally arrested in 2020.

This past Monday (January 29), the court heard opening statements, where prosecutors said the duo  conducted an “execution” that was “motivated by greed and by revenge”. They said Mizell’s killing was a “brazen murder”: “Each defendant was proud that they had taken down Jam Master Jay and got away with it.”

They’re saying Jay was involved in $200K cocaine deal with Jordan Jr (18 at the time) and Washington – who are said to have been cut out. Motive for Jordan Jr and Washington to plan Mizell’s murder.

The defense attorneys say that Jordan Jr and Washington didn’t kill Jay, saying that the prosecutor’s claims is “one version of many”, and said the defendants “have no clue who did it”.

The defense attorney said Washington was an alcoholic who relied on Mizell. “Why bite the hand that feeds you? Mizell was a beloved artist, but convicting the wrong person… does not solve the tragedy. It just adds another one to it.”

Who knows what’ll come of this, but expect the trial to last four weeks. Both men pled not guilt and if found otherwise, could spend up to 20 years in jail.

Are you surprised to see Jam Master Jay’s killing back in the news?


Written by Todd Hancock