Is Bruce Springsteen working on movie of the making of ‘Nebraska’?

January 15, 2024

If you believe everything you read online, good news! Apparently Bruce Springsteen is working on a movie based on his ’82 album, ‘Nebraska’!

As you’d think – Springsteen is consulting alongside director Scott Cooper (you’d know his work in movies Out of the FurnaceBlack Mass and, Crazy Heart, about a washed-up country singer. 

‘Nebraska’ was Springsteen’s sixth album. In it, he took us through a dark time in his life, recording songs as demos on his 4-track recorder (with the intent to release under the E Street Band). Ultimately, Bruce released the demos as they were. Cool, right?

There’s one line of thought (World Of Reel) that the movie will be based on Warren Zanes’ book Deliver Me From Nowhere: The Making of Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska.

Back in November, E Street Band guitarist Steven Van Zandt said Springsteen is ‘in great shape’ after undergoing treatment for a peptic ulcer disease. So that’s good news, too.

Van Zandt said, “We’re gonna come back stronger than ever in March. It was a very, very intense first six months of the tour — maybe our most intense ever. And so we’re gonna come back with that same intensity, and it’s gonna be great.”

If you hadn’t heard, Springsteen (who is 74) started feeling poorly back in August ’23. So bad that they cancelled a couple shows in Philadelphia. Three weeks later, ALL shows were postponed. Then we learn about the cancer.

Those shows were rescheduled for a tour between March and September 2024. Find tickets here.

Love the idea! Which classic album (and the making of it) would you like to see be made into a feature-length film?

You could say this is a Boss idea. Okay, I’ll let myself out.