In This Moment’s New Album ‘Godmode’ Is ‘Heavier’ And ‘More Proggy’

August 16, 2023

In This Moment singer Maria Brink and guitarist Chris Howorth were recently interviewed on Detroit radio station WRIF and talked about their upcoming eighth studio album, “Godmode”, which is being released October 27.

Howorth said, “It’s different from all of our other albums in a lot of ways. One way is the fact that instead of getting off of a tour and having, like, three months to get it together, go into the studio and make a new one, we had several years to do it. And we used a different producer — we used Kane Churko instead of his father, Kevin. Kevin has done all of our records except for one. So he’s done six In This Moment albums; Kane’s done this newest one. And honestly, working with him brought a whole new level of intensity to the project and the change and the time we had to make it kind of made us a little bit more — I don’t know — powerful and aggressive, and the whole thing has an intensity to it that’s, that’s different for us. Because it was a whole fresh new vibe— the whole thing.”

As for the musical direction, Brink said, “It’s very visceral. I mean, we came out of the pandemic and just the three years and all these building up things in us, so it’s a little darker than we normally maybe tend to be. I like to always kind of have some inspirational moments and things like that, and there’s some of that in there, but it is a lot of purging, kind of a lot of built up, like, things that have… I guess we felt trapped for three years, and just so many, so many things going on and everybody at each other’s throat. So there is a lot of kind of visceral releasing in there, let’s say. It’s heavier. There’s different time signatures than we’ve ever done and a lot new experimental things. And I’m excited for it. I really am. I think people are gonna like it.”

Asked if “Godmode” was “more proggy” than other ITM albums, Howorth said, “It definitely is. And heavier and there’s more riffs, kind of, but in a way that works with the song. I think the time that we had to make it, the unintentional time with the pandemic and everything, made it so that it’s just better, because the pressure of having to just come up with a bunch of new stuff on the spot, it made me check out a lot on some of the previous albums on — you know, the feeling of creativity — whereas this one, it all felt more flowy, like she said.”

“Godmode” was recorded at Hideout Recording Studio in Las Vegas, Nevada with producers Kane Churko (Ozzy, Papa Roach, FFDP) and Tyler Bates (“John Wick” movies, Jerry Cantrell, Bush).

“Godmode” track listing:

01. Godmode
02. The Purge
03. Army Of Me
04. Sacrifice
05. Skyburner
06. Sanctify Me
07. Everything Starts And Ends With You
08. Damaged (feat. Spencer Charnas)
09. Fate Bringer
10. I Would Die For You

In This Moment debuted “Sacrifice” and “The Purge” on July 8 at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut.

ITM is joined on “The Dark Horizon Tour” by co-headliners Motionless In White, with special guests Fit For A King and From Ashes To New.

To support the new album, ITM will start the 20-date 2023 co-headline “Kiss Of Death” tour with Ice Nine Kills on November 3 at Hard Rock Live in Gary, Indiana and will wrap things up in Washington, D.C. at The Anthem on November 28.


Written by Todd Hancock