How Soon ‘Til We Hear A Puddle of Mudd – Wes Scantlin Country Album?

December 10, 2023

Puddle of Mudd singer Wes Scantlin was recently interviewd by Rock Titan and talked about other projects he has on the go, “I’ve been throwing around the idea of doing like a sort of country record, kind of just maybe take a little stab at it. We’ll see what’s up.”

Scantlin continued, “It’s gonna be a very diverse record. It’s not gonna be just country. It’ll have a lot of different stuff and it’ll just be like a solo — kind of a solo thing for me to do. A ‘solo artist,’ as they say. I could sing country. I could sing that type of style all day long, man, just like effortlessly.”

As you know, Puddle Of Mudd has been around since 1991. They’re from Kansas City, with Scantlin the only original member left in the band. They broke into the scene in 2001 with the album “Come Clean”, which had three hit singles, “Control”, “Blurry” and “She Hates Me”.

Their latest album, “Ubiquitous”, was released in September ’23.

Scantlin had almost non-stop problems with the law, alcohol, finances and other issues, before getting sober in ’17.

In a 2022 interview with, Scantlin talked about the most misunderstood thing about him, “You know, the media kind of tricks people into believing things that really just aren’t seriously true. Sure, I got arrested for driving under the influence and so forth, but who hasn’t, you know? I don’t know anybody who hasn’t. But everybody doesn’t get their stuff on blast on TMZ and reported about all over the globe and stuff. Everybody runs into like devious people you should’ve never run into, but you did and crazy stuff happened. I’m really just a cool downhome Kansas City boy that my dreams came true and are still coming true.”

What do you think about the idea of Wes Scantlin doing a country album?


Written by Todd Hancock