Heart’s Nancy And Ann Wilson’s ‘Exciting And Inspiring’ New Music

June 9, 2023

Heart guitarist Nancy Wilson was recently interviewed on Long Island, New York’s rock station 102.3, WBAB, and said she’s working on new music with her sister, Ann Wilson!

“I think right now I’ve been working on ‘Tomboy’ the most because I love the title, for one thing; it’s almost like ‘boy genius’ or something. But I’ve got a bunch of new ideas for songs. But I’ve also been writing new music with Ann too. So it’s a real creative time. I think being on the tour right now, when I get home, I’m gonna really dig into the other projects, including finishing some new material with Ann. So it’s really a good time to be creative. And I’ve got a new studio in my house, and so I can’t wait to sort of run tape on stuff.”

Nancy added, “It’s been a really nice kind of rediscovery of our relationship, working on music together again,” she said. “So, yeah, I’m really happy about that.”

Last July, Ann told Grammy.com that she and Nancy had plans to celebrate Heart’s 50th anniversary in 2023, “I’m not at liberty to say exactly what they are yet because it’s such early days, but sure. It will be next year. And we’re doing a thing. Definitely. We’re still formulating it now.”

A proposed Heart tour fell through last year after the sisters couldn’t agree on which backing band to use. Ann wanted her guys, Nancy didn’t.

As you know, the sisters’ relationship was strained after a highly-publicized incident when Ann’s husband was arrested for assaulting Nancy’s then-16-year-old twin sons in a backstage altercation during a Heart tour in 2016. But it sounds like they’ve mended fences and are working on new music!