Hear The Killers’ guitar-driven new single

December 26, 2023

ICYMI, The Killers gave you a surprise Christmas present yesterday!


The band posted on their Twitter account, “Santa’s got a brand new song in his bag. Merry Christmas!”

As you can see, the song isn’t named yet and follows-up singer Brandon Flowers’ interview with NME last week. He told them the plan is a more rock-oriented direction moving forward, “I realised that the vehicle that I want to ride in had less synthesisers and less laser beams! I’m trying to figure that out. It’s not uncommon; we’ve made records like ‘Sam’s Town’ [2006], ‘Battle Born’ [2012] and definitely ‘Pressure Machine’ [2021] where there’s less presence of that kind of sound. I’m not disparaging that sound – a lot of that music has shaped who I am – but as I get older I want to be authentic to who I am and how I’m feeling. I have to follow that, and I just feel like that’s leading more towards guitar music, rock n’ roll and Americana music.”

Flowers also talked about getting all four members back together again, “The goal has always been to get all four original members to take ownership and be proud of what we’re doing, but it’s so difficult with all four of us living in different cities. It’s not impossible. It’s weird to be talking to you about it, but I’d definitely like to do that.”

Meanwhile, The Killers start their ‘Rebel Diamond’ greatest-hits tour in June ’24.


Written by Todd Hancock