Halestorm Singer Lzzy Hale: ‘We’re Finishing Up Writing A New Album’

March 30, 2024

Halestorm was interviewed by the “Everblack” podcast at the Brisbane date of this month’s Knotfest Australia and singer Lzzy talked about following-up 2022’s “Back From The Dead” album, “We’re finishing up writing a new album. And we’re gonna get back in April to finish it up. We’ll be there in a few weeks, and, yeah, we’ll see what happens. And then we’ll be back here [in Australia] before you know it with some new music.”

No doubt you’re curious what the album will be called. “Oh, we don’t know that yet. As is tradition in Halestorm, we always have the best ideas right when we start, and then we totally trash it, and it’s, like, very last minute, ‘What are we calling the record?’ Last minute, that’s what we do. So, yeah, we don’t know. We’re gonna let it tell us what it is. It’s not up to us; it’s the music.”

Earlier this month, Halestorm guitarist Joe Hottinger talked to Monica Strut of Knotfest Australia about writing new music, “Our goal as a band is may the best song win. So riffs are great and all, but at the day, it comes down to the song. Is it a good song or not? And not only is it, like, good, but it’s gotta be great. We have, like, stupid standards. And so really anything goes. If it’s a riff and it starts there, a riff and a melody, cool. Lzzy writes constantly, so she’s always got songs that we’re putting together.”

Hottinger added, “We haven’t been in a studio since — I mean, recording for a record — since September. We’ve been busy. We’ve been traveling a bit. But we’ve been writing since then. And while we were at the last one, we just kind of rolled in and wrote a song in the morning and recorded it that night, and it was kind of everything fresh. We started out a few riffs, but, really, the idea was more about being in that moment. I was talking with Lzzy about it while we were in there, and it was, like ‘Yeah, it’s kind of like we came into the studio with nothing but 20 years of being a band together.’ [Laughs] So, we know how to play — we’re all players, we can play, we can write. So, like, ‘It’s a good idea. Cool. Yeah, let’s do that. All right, let’s record it. Here we go.’ And I don’t even remember what I played. I haven’t listened to those songs in a while. And I vaguely remember any of them because it gets so intense. I think we did, like, 13 of them. Day after day after day after day after day, to the point where you’re just, like, ‘I don’t know anything anymore.'”

In other news, Skid Row has parted ways with Swedish singer Erik Grönwall and Lzzy Hale will be singing for them for four of their upcoming concerts!

If they don’t keep Lzzy on as their singer, who should Skid Row ask to front their band?


Written by Todd Hancock