Halestorm In Studio Working With Grammy-Winning Producer Dave Cobb

October 30, 2023

Halestorm bassist Josh Smith was recently interviewed by Jorge Botas of Portugal’s Metal Global and you’ll be happy to know that the band is working on their next studio album with acclaimed Grammy-winning producer, Dave Cobb (Sammy Hagar, Slash, Greta Van Fleet, Rival Sons).

Smith said, “We went down to [Dave’s] place and all lived together for three weeks, which is — we live together on tour all the time, yeah, but to be in a creative space, it was incredible. And the music that came out is undeniably Halestorm. There’s going to be a lot of fan favorites.”

When asked about the recording process, Smith said, “What we’re doing and how he wants to work, how he’s capturing us is what we do on stage. For instance, we’re not using a click track; there’s no time keep. It’s us doing it, and so there’s a lot of movement to the music… It’s so human.”

He continued: “I think naturally when you’re even talking, just from building tension to releasing it and how that happens, and sometimes from a verse maybe is building and the tempo feels like it’s building, and then the chorus — well, at least on stage — naturally probably bumps up a few BPM [beats per minute] or slows down, depending. And even our transitions or Arejay’s [Hale, Halestorm drummer] fills will push or pull. It’s very human.”

So far, no timeline for a release, “But we just worked on, like — I don’t know how many songs we got worked up, 10 or 12. And we’ll probably do that again when we get a chance next year, and see where we are. But it’s really exciting. It’s always so exciting to create new stuff and then show it to people and get judged.”

Producer Cobb has shared in nine Grammy wins, including four for “Best Americana Album” and three for “Best Country Album”. Sounds like Halestorm is in good hands.

Meanwhile, last December, Halestorm released a deluxe edition of “Back From The Dead”. “Back From The Dead: Deluxe Edition” has seven previously unreleased B-sides.

Where do you put Halestrom on the list of best sibling-bands?

Written by Todd Hancock