Godsmack Shares ‘Vibez Tour’ Rehearsal Video

February 4, 2024

Godsmack posted a video on YouTube from their rehearsals getting ready for their upcoming “Vibez Tour”. If you’re lucky enough to see a date on the tour, expect an intimate night with acoustic/electric performances and stories weaved throughout! The first leg starts February 15 in Catoosa, Oklahoma, and the second leg starts April 9 in Valley Center, California.

Singer Sully Erna was recently a guest of “The Mistress Carrie Podcast” and talked about the tour, “Well, the ‘Vibez Tour’, it’s almost kind of like a break from the big-show touring. We went out all last year and we worked a lot and it was the big show — it was the show that we did in the arenas and the amphitheaters. And when we go out with the big show, as people know, we have this big double-drum battle we do, there’s moving lighting and pyro and it’s just a big arena show like we grew up on when we were kids. It’s the kind of show I always wanted to put out there for the people. But as we get older, the body needs to heal. But we didn’t wanna take a break from when we wrapped up at the end of October until summer hits again, when they open up amphitheaters and we start doing these big festival shows or whatever again. There’s just too much of a gap there. We wanna be loyal to our crew, so we wanna keep them working. And we also wanna kind of stay tuned up, but to try to do those kind of shows in the winter, it just doesn’t make sense. So we wanted to come back to what we did back in — it was like ’03, ’04, right around the time we were doing the Metallica thing. And we did an acoustic tour in theaters.”

Erna added: “So it won’t be fully acoustic — there’s gonna be electric performances as well — but it’s gonna be a blend of all that: piano songs, acoustic songs, electric songs. We’re gonna mix in some really cool vibey covers. I don’t wanna give those away because we haven’t done ’em yet, for one, practiced them, so we wanna make sure that we can pull the ones we wanna do off. But I can tell you that it will fit in that same vibe of what we’re doing with the ‘Voodoo’s and the ‘Serenity’s and the ‘Spiral’s, and even some of the stuff on the new record, like ‘Growing Old’ and ‘Truth’ and ‘Under Your Scars’ and all that stuff. So we wanna just create like a really cool night of music and storytelling.”

You may remember that Godsmack did their “An Evening With” tour about 20 years ago. That was stripped down, acoustic-based, showing the band in a different light. This time around, we get the best of both worlds!

Godsmacks’ latest album, their eighth, “Lighting Up The Sky”, was released in February 2023.

If you could pick another band to do an acoustic/electric tour, who’s top of your list?


Written by Todd Hancock