Ghost’s Debut Feature Film ‘Rite Here Rite Now’ To Hit Theatres Next Month

May 1, 2024

How cool is this? Grammy Award-winning Ghost feature-length film “Rite Here Rite Now” is coming to theatres! You can expect to see never-before-seen 2023 concert footage alongside the written narrative that weaves plot threads from the band’s long-running “Chapters” series.

Very, very cool. In theatres June 20 and 22.

You’ll be able to see the full trailer and buy tickets as of Thursday, May 9. All details at at 6 a.m. PDT. Fans are encouraged to sign up for further information.

The footage you’ll see was shot over the band’s two sold-out shows at L.A.’s Kia Forum. You’ll be immersed in Sweden’s most theatrical rock band’s live show.

BUT – “Rite Here Rite Now” is more than a concert movie. It combines the two nights with a narrative that plot threads from the band’s long-running “Chapters” series – as you’ll get pulled thru the band’s five albums as well as the platinum-certified “Mary On A Cross”.

You’ll be able to grab the original motion picture soundtrack as of May 9.

Singer Tobias Forge said,  explained: “Over a decade ago when Ghost got signed to Loma Vista, Tom Whalley (owner and CEO) asked what the story of the band was. He felt telling a story was vital in order to get new fans engaged. I said that because we were a new ‘baby’ band and more importantly we were an anonymous baby band, there wasn’t really a compelling story to tell. Not yet anyway. But I told him that if he wanted a story, I could come up with one. This film is the fruit of that conversation.”

What a cool idea, hey? Love this. Reminds me of the Metallica movie. Which other bands would you like to do something similiar?


Written by Todd Hancock