Get Ready For Stephen Pearcy’s ‘Insane’ ‘Legacy Collection’

June 22, 2023

RATT singer Stephen Pearcy recently did an interview with Matt Pinfield for 95.5 KLOS’s “New & Approved” series and talked about his upcoming collection of music, “Legacy”, and revealed that it will include never-before-heard RATT songs, solo tracks, re-recordings and new versions of previously released tunes!

Pearcy said, “I’ve done five solo records. And the other one’s ready to go, the sixth one. I have a record coming out, called ‘Legacy’, on an Australian label, Golden Robot, probably in the next few months. And it’s songs from my career — 1977 to present day. And it’s gonna be insane, because I’m unleashing some songs — the last song Warren [DeMartini, RATT guitarist] and I wrote; the last song Robbin [Crosby, late RATT guitarist] and I wrote years ago, some live RATT that nobody’s heard. I have some songs going on there that’ll blow minds. And it’s a special thing. It’s called ‘Legacy’. You can look for that soon. And then the [new] solo record eventually.”

You may remember that last November, Pearcy told Laughing Monkey Music that he was “putting the finishing touches on” “Legacy”, “The problem I was having was a good one, because there was so much music to choose from through my history of music and catalog — quality stuff, not just hissy-hissy scratchy LP or cassette, whatever form it was recorded. We’re taking time with it. It’s kind of a story, actually, because there’s some stuff like interluding into songs, and you hear us discussing rearranging ‘Wanted Man’ — early stuff, like in 1983 or [198]2. I mean, it’s crazy. But it’s all good. My problem was picking songs. Now, I’ve got it, so there’ll probably be a part two.”

Pearcy has released five solo albums: “Social Intercourse” (2002), “Fueler” (2004), “Under My Skin” (2008), “Smash” (2017) and “View To A Thrill” (2018).

RATT, meanwhile, hasn’t released new music since 2010’s “Infestation” LP.

RATT has to be Top3 of the most underrated from their time, rigth? Name a band from that era that’s more underrated. Maybe Cinderella?


Written by Todd Hancock