Frank Turner Broke The World Record For Most Shows Played In 24 Hours

May 5, 2024

Did you hear about this? Frank Turner just broke the world record for the most shows played in 24 hours, with 15 shows in 15 different towns!


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Turner did the challenge in honour of the Music Venue Trust, playing each show at an independent venue, with all tickets sold by independent record shops.

Very cool.

He started the feat at Liverpool’s Jacaranda Baltic at 12:30pm on Saturday (May 4), then worked his way down the country, wrapping up at Southampton’s The Brook at midday today (May 5).

Okay, to what you’re curious about, THE RULES: Each set had to be at least 15 minutes, with no repeated venues and a minimum of 25 audience members at each show.

Turner posted a picture online, saying “BEFORE”, writing: “Here we go friends. 15 shows, 15 town, 24 hours. This is a terrible idea. Thanks to the venues, my crew, the record shops and @musicvenuetrust – let’s do this.”

Then an “AFTER” sign, writing, “Proud. Tired. Grateful. Long live independent music.”


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Turner said, “In the last 24 hours, accompanied by my crew (Doug and Tre and Mark), we played 15 shows in 15 different towns around the UK. According to the @musicvenuetrust rules, that’s the world record by 5 shows. Every show was at an independent venue, ticketed by an independent record shop. We did it.”

Nice one Frank. Congrats, buddy.

If YOU could set a World Record, what would it be for?


Written by Todd Hancock