Former Members Of Mighty Might Bosstones, Offspring, Smash Mouth Launch The Defiant, Share Single

August 23, 2023

Look out, here comes another supergroup! The Defiant, featuring Mighty Mighty Bosstones singer Dicky Barrett, former Offspring drummer Pete Parada, Smash Mouth guitarist Greg Camp, Street Dogs bassist Johnny Rioux and The Briggs guitarist / keyboardist Joey LaRocca, has released their debut single, “Dead Language”.

“Dead Language” is Barrett’s first new music since The Bosstones called it quits in early 2022 (just after they released their last album, “When God Was Great”).

The Defiant recorded twelve songs for their debut. You can expect that later this year. They’ve released teasers for two other songs, “Everybody Loves Me” and “No Nothing”.

Barrett said, “All I’ve ever really wanted to do is bring people together and share a message of peace, love, and unity. With that in mind, the music created by The Defiant could very well be some of the best I’ve ever had a hand in making, as well as one of the most important and thoughtful musical experiences of my career. I am thrilled to be a part of it.”

Parada added, “It is an insanely solid lineup, like Murderers Row from the 1927 New York Yankees. This project is a real throwback to when albums felt like books, and songs were integral chapters in a story. It’s a tribute to the heartbroken, the misunderstood, the lost and found, the isolated, the fighters, the believers, the wildly hopeful and irrationally optimistic.” “I agree with Pete but let’s take it easy with the Yankees analogies,” interjected lifelong Red Sox supporter Barrett.

Rioux said, “The diversity of the material is great, too. You can hear hints of The Jam, The Pogues, The Specials and Blur. So many different influences make up this project. Those influences, along with incredible unifying and biographical lyrics, have resulted in something I’m really excited about.”

Another supergroup! I can’t be the only one loving the shit outta this!


Written by Todd Hancock