Faster Pussycat’s Taime Downe Is Working On An Autobiography

August 28, 2023

Faster Pussycat singer Taime Downe was recently a guest of the “Talk Louder” podcast and confirmed that he’s working on his autobiography with Rare Bird, the L.A. based publishing company founded in 2010 by Tyson Cornell, former marketing and publicity director of Book Soup.

Downe said, “They did [John] Corabi’s book and they did one of Matt’s [Sorum] books and Sami Yaffa. The guy really fucking cool. And these guys [Leif Eriksson and Martin Svensson] that are writing it, they did Matt’s book. They’re from Sweden. So we met last summer, at the end of summer, here to just meet. And then we went through the process of, ‘Okay, yeah, those guys are cool,’ and then we dealt with shit. And then in January we hooked up — I think it was January — and then we hooked up for, like, three or four meetings here in Los Angeles. And I’ve been gathering shit and trying to timeline stuff, ’cause it’s not just [going to be about] Faster; it’s my life.”

The 58-year-old Downe (real name Gustave Molvik) talked about how going down memory lane spurred the book, “There’s a lot of shit to remember, and a lot of shit happened fast. All the stuff that happened, happened fast — coming to L.A. and then putting Faster together and then being signed and being on tour and then being over. And then the next thing, and then the next thing — it’s all quick. So it’s a fucking blur. And just trying to gather shit, you know what I mean? Those weren’t the days of cell phones and photos and that shit. Going through boxes of old shit.”

Faster Pussycat formed in the mid-80s, sold over 2 million albums and have played shows and toured with the likes of Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne, Motley Crue, GnR and KISS. The band has over 215,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Last November, Faster Pussycat released double A-side singles “Like A Ghost” and “Pirate Love” digitally via Golden Robot Records.

This’ll be a good rock read. Downe is bound to have a ton of great stories! What’s your favourite rock autobiography?


Written by Todd Hancock