Expect The New The Dead Daisies ‘Light ‘Em Up’ Album This September

April 27, 2024

Good news! The Dead Daisies will release “Light ‘Em Up”, the first single and title track of their upcoming album, on May 10. You can expect the full album on September 6!

Singer John Corabi said, “Hey, gang. We are releasing our first single ‘Light ‘Em Up’ on May 10th, from our new record, aptly titled ‘Light ‘Em Up’ as well! It’s a kick-ass, straight-ahead rock and roll tune, just how we like it!!! Turn it up, and get ready to bang your head and break shit!!! Hope ya like it!!! Love you guys!!”

Meanwhile, The Dead Daisies start their world tour on June 6, with The Treatment and The Bites opening the shows. The tour runs through November 1.

Last month saw the return of The Dead Daisies drummer Tommy Clufetos (Ozzy, Sabbath).

A year ago, singer John Corabi (Motley, The Scream and Union) rejoined the band.

Last August, Corabi told Metal Talk how he came back, “We talked through the whole time that they had Glenn in the band. At one point, they were getting ready to tour with Glenn, and he was sick. I don’t know if he had COVID or what his deal was, but he wasn’t feeling well. I went up to New York for a week with the guys, and I helped them. I sang with them to help them prepare for their tour with Glenn, just to get their music together.”

ICYMI, a few years back, singer John Corabi was a guest of the Toddcast Podcast!

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Written by Todd Hancock