Everyone Says Hi: New Band With Members Of ex Kaiser Chiefs, The Kooks, Dead 60s and Howling Bells

May 5, 2024

Don’t you love it when supergroups are formed? Former Kaiser Chiefs drummer/songwriter Nick Hodgson has teamed up with members of The Kooks, Dead 60s and Howling Bells to form Everyone Says Hi!

Everyone Says Hi (yes, the same name as Bowie’s 2002 song) includes Pete Denton (formerly of The Kooks), Ben Gordon (The Dead 60s), Glenn Moule (Howling Bells) and guitarist Tom Dawson.

You can hear/watch their debut single, ‘Brain Freeze’, above.

Hodgson explained how the lyrics are about going on a recovery mission to Ibiza after “not a relationship so much, just arguments, division, conflict, disagreements that occupy your life sometimes”.

He added, “I love Ibiza as well, so it sounds like I’m dreaming of going to Ibiza and living there. I’ve always dreamt of escaping in a camper van and I did go away on my own in a camper van. So maybe it’s got shades of camper van as well.”

As for the song coming together, Hoddgson said, “I went and stayed in Leeds for a few days at a flat I’ve had for a long time. I don’t know what it is about that place but I always write my favourite songs there. I went twice. I went for three nights, two times. It’s pretty bachelor style – I definitely feel like I’m in my 20 when I’m there. I just record and play this guitar I got when I was 16. Maybe that’s where the magic comes from. It’s this quite beaten up Tanglewood Odyssey.”

I love it when bands like this are created! So fun! What’s your favourite ‘supergroup’?


Written by Todd Hancock